Transformer Design Principles, 3rd Edition

Book Description

In the newest edition, the reader will learn the basics of transformer design, starting from fundamental and ending with advanced model simulations. The electrical, mechanical, and thermal considerations that go into the design of a transformer are discussed with useful design formulas, which are used to ensure that the transformer will operate without overheating and survive various stressful events, such as a lightning strike or a short event. This new edition includes a section on how to correct the linear impedance boundary method for non-linear materials and a simpler method to calculate temperatures and flows in windings with directed flow cooling, using theory. It also includes a chapter on optimization with practical suggestions on achieving the lowest cost design with constraints.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Magnetism and Related Core Issues
Chapter 3: Circuit Model of a 2-Winding Transformer with Core
Chapter 4: Reactance and Leakage Reactance Calculations
Chapter 5: Phasors, 3-Phase Connections, and Symmetrical Components
Chapter 6: Fault Current
Chapter 7: Phase-Shifting and Zigzag Transformers
Chapter 8: Multiterminal 3-Phase Transformer Model
Chapter 9: Rabins’ Method for Calculating Leakage Fields, Inductances, and Forces in Iron Core Transformers, Including Core Methods
Chapter 10: Mechanical Design
Chapter 11: Electric Field Calculations
Chapter 12: Capacitance Calculations
Chapter 13: Voltage Breakdown Theory and Practice
Chapter 14: High-Voltage Impulse Analysis and
Chapter 15: No-Load and Load Losses
Chapter 16: Stray Losses from 3D Finite Element Analysis
Chapter 17: Thermal Design
Chapter 18: Load Tap Changers
Chapter 19: Constrained Nonlinear Optimization with Application to Transformer Design

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