GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

Book Description

This is a high-quality, hardbound edition of the official Lisp Reference Manual, from the current Emacs Version 24.5 distribution. It is printed on acid free and lignin free paper, that meets all standards for archival quality paper. *** The GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual is also available for free within GNU Emacs itself, via the help system, or online. Professional users may find this hardbound edition convenient for frequent consultation, and an excellent copy for reference. *** For each copy of this manual sold, 10% of its gross sale revenue is donated to the Free Foundation (FSF).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Lisp Data Types
Chapter 3. Numbers
Chapter 4. Strings and Characters
Chapter 5. Lists
Chapter 6. Sequences, Arrays, and Vectors
Chapter 7. Hash Tables
Chapter 8. Symbols
Chapter 9. Evaluation
Chapter 10. Control Structures
Chapter 11. Variables
Chapter 12. Functions
Chapter 13. Macros
Chapter 14. Customization Settings
Chapter 15. Loading
Chapter 16. Byte Compilation
Chapter 17. Debugging Lisp Programs
Chapter 18. Reading and Printing Lisp Objects
Chapter 19. Minibuffers
Chapter 20. Command Loop
Chapter 21. Keymaps
Chapter 22. Major and Minor Modes
Chapter 23. Documentation
Chapter 24. Files
Chapter 25. Backups and Auto-Saving
Chapter 26. Buffers
Chapter 27. Windows
Chapter 28. Frames
Chapter 29. Positions
Chapter 30. Markers
Chapter 31. Text
Chapter 32. Non-ASCII Characters
Chapter 33. Searching and Matching
Chapter 34. Syntax Tables
Chapter 35. Abbrevs and Abbrev Expansion
Chapter 36. Processes
Chapter 37. Emacs Display
Chapter 38. Operating System
Chapter 39. Preparing Lisp for distribution

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